The Instituto de Investigação Cientifica Tropical publish the Compilation of Bibliographic records of Angola mammals trought GBIF

The Instituto de Investigação Cientifica Tropical (IICT), has recently published the collection of Bibliographic records of Angola mammals with 9879 occurrences. The data are available at IPT service of the IICT and through the international GBIF portal.

The compilation of literature occurrences of Angolan mammals, was gathered from the publications of Crawford-Cabral and colleagues in 4 books and papers (Crawford-Cabral 1998, Crawford-Cabral and Simões 1987, 1988 and Crawford-Cabral and Veríssimo 2005), published by IICT.  João Crawford-Cabral collaborated with IICT for several years. The compilation holds around 10.000 records of 140 species and subspecies of carnivores, ungulates and rodents of Angola. All records are georreferenced on a grid based system with 15 geographic minutes size (about 25 km).

The dataset has an historical value since the bulk of records are from the 20th century (mainly from 1930-1980). The taxonomic nomenclature is the one used by Crawford-Cabral and follows the general guidelines of 2nd edition of Wilson & Reeder’s Mammal Species of the World (1993).

The representation of Portugal in GBIF is made through the National Node which is hosted at the Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical with the support of the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. Portugal is a participant in GBIF since its creation in 2001. The aim of GBIF is to facilitate the free and open access to biodiversity data through the internet. Currently, GBIF shares more than 780 thousand records for Portugal, published by Portuguese and foreign institutions. Simultaneously, the Portuguese institutions publish biodiversity data for a total of 65 countries, in a total of 86475 occurrences, with emphasis on the CPLP countries.