The Portuguese Node announces a new hosting institution: Instituto Superior de Agronomia

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The Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), the School of Agriculture of the University of Lisbon, is the new hosting institution of the Portuguese Node of GBIF, since the end of September 2015. The change, done with the agreement of the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, is a  result of the merging of the Tropical Research Institute (IICT) in the University of Lisbon.

ISA has a previous record of collaboration with GBIF. It was the first Portuguese institution to publish a dataset through GBIF, during a collaboration with GBIF Spain. With the Portuguese Node, ISA has co-organized in 2013 the training workshop about the Integrated Publishing Toolkit, which took place in that school.

With this new hosting institution, the Portuguese Node will continue to develop its working program, strengthening it with new offers of on-site training, with the new easier access to computer laboratories. This reinforcement will be visible in the work programme for 2016.

ISA ensures all optimal conditions to the continuation of the activities of the Portuguese Node of GBIF, in the fulfilling of its mission of promoting the participation of the national community as publishers or users of biodiversity data, and acting under the principles, included in the Strategic Plan, of independence, neutrality and thrust

The new contacts of the Portuguese Node of GBIF are:

Nó Português do GBIF
Instituto Superior de Agronomia
Tapada da Ajuda
1349-017 Lisboa, Portugal

Tel. +351-213653421
Fax. +351-213653195