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Global Biodiversity Information Facility
O Sistema Global de Informação sobre a Biodiversidade (GBIF) é uma organização intergovernamental criada em 2001 para facilitar a partilha e acesso, de forma livre e gratuita, de dados de biodiversidade.
Instituto Superior de Agronomia
O ISA acolhe o Nó Português do GBIF
com o apoio da:
Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia


Portugal joins Spain and France in mentoring project for national nodes capacitation

The GBIF's mentoring programme for 2013 will support the proposal by France, Spain and Portugal to facilitate the capacitation of their coordination units in several domains like the vizualization of georreferenced data or a crowdsourcing platform for digitizing biological collections. This is one of the three projects selected to allow a total of eight countries to increase capacity in biodiversity informatics for network sharing previous expertise. In other projects, the node of Colombia will mentor the Brazilian one and Belgian will be mentoring Togo and Mauritania.

IICT appointed as GBIF Portuguese Node

The Tropical Research Institute, based in Lisbon, was designated by the Foundation for Science and Technology to be the Portuguese Node of GBIF. The protocol signed by both institutions provides for the development of an bilingual Internet portal, the promotion of GBIF at national level, installation and management of infrastructure and information systems for the storage of databases, the assessment of the state of digitization of biological collections, conducting training and dissemination of GBIF activities along the CPLP countries.

Portuguese node seeks for collaborator in computer sciences

The Portuguese Node of GBIF, through its participation in the european project H2020 EGI-Engage, is seeking for a collaborator in computer sciences. The research grant contract will run for 9 months and requires a degree in computer sciences. The collaborator will support the implementation and maintenance of the system Atlas of Living Australia in the context of biodiversity data for Portugal.


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