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Portal de dados GBIF enriquecido com fotografia, audio ou video dos registos de ocorrência de biodiversidade

Os utilizadores do portal de dados do GBIF podem agora pesquisar registos de ocorrência de espécies que estejam acompanhados por fotos, som e vídeo. O portal passou a incluir estes conteúdos multimédia na visualização de dados, iniciando, neste momento, com perto de 1 milhão de ocorrências de espécies com itens multimédia.  

Revisão Científica do GBIF, 2013

O GBIF publicou a Revisão Científica de 2013, que compila todos os artigos científicos (revistos) do ano passado, que utilizaram dados publicados através da infraestrutura global do GBIF.  

A lista de revisão científica conta com mais de 250 artigos científicos em 2013 que usaram dados publicados através do Portal do GBIF e foram obtidos através do programa que monitoriza e compila estes estudos categorizando-os por área temática, uso de dados, discussão e citação do GBIF. Algumas dessas áreas são:


Annual report 2013 of the Portuguese Node of GBIF

The 2013 annual report of the Portuguese Node of GBIF is available here (in portuguese).
Portugal joined GBIF in 2001, but only in 2013 it was possible to setup the Portuguese Node. This first year of work served to its implementation in four main pillars - infrastructure, data mobilization, training, cooperation. The actions developed at the national level in 2013 included:

GBIF Consultation about biodiversity data licensing

GBIF is consulting its community of providers and users about a new approach of licensing  biodiversity data published through GBIF .
This consultation aims to boost the GBIF mission of promoting free and open access to biodiversity data, with the lowest possible use restrictions. The identification of the license for which data are published should be therefore based on clear rules, created in agreement with the community about issues such as the allocation and citation of data, as well respecting the providers decision on the commercial use.

Information on the use of data published through GBIF

The Portuguese GBIF Node ( is committed to promoting the use of biodiversity information available through the GBIF data portal ( to ensure that the best and most complete existing information can be used for scientific research, in natural resource management, decision support and environmental impact assessment, among others.

Second meeting of the GBIF mentoring project France-Portugal-Spain, hosted by the Portuguese Node, Lisbon

The Portuguese Node of GBIF hosted between the  28 and 30 of April at the Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical (IICT), Lisbon, the second meeting of the GBIF mentoring project France-Portugal-Spain. The meeting aimed at exchanging experiences and expertise among the different nodes.

Novas funcionalidades do Portal do GBIF

Com a nova versão do portal do GBIF os registos de ocorrência apresentam agora informações mais ricas e detalhadas. Os utilizadores do portal podem agora aceder a muitos mais campos de informação nas páginas detalhadas de cada registo de ocorrência. Isto foi possível graças às novas tecnologias recentemente adotadas pelo GBIF, permitindo o uso de vários servidores.

New GBits edition already available

The new GBits number (No. 39, March 2014), which is published every two months, is available, aiming to promote the activities of GBIF. In this edition, highlights the new features introduced in GBIF Portal, the first data paper from Portugal and the datasets publications by several institutions like the GBIF Benin, Czech Republic, Netherlands and others. This edition is also referred to the European project OpenUP! that became available more than 1.6 million data objects of natural history in Europeana based on BioCASE and GBIF tools.

Nominations for the 2014 Ebbe Nielsen prize

GBIF has opened the call for applications to the Ebbe Nielsen Prize 2014 awarded by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) to an researcher or small research group that has distinguished itself in new applications in the fields of Biosystematics and Biodiversity Informatics. The prize to be awarded in the amount of 30,000€ and was established by the GBIF Governing Board in memory of Ebbe Schmidt Nielsen, who excelled in leadership and innovation in the fields of Biosystematics and Biodiversity Informatics.