News and Events

First meeting of the mentoring Project France-Portugal-Spain, 21-23 January 2014, Royal Botanical Garden, Madrid

GBIF Participants from France, Portugal and Spain held last week, at the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, the first of three meetings of the GBIF mentoring project. The meeting, between the 21 and 23 of January, aimed at exchanging experiences and expertise among different nodes on the subjects of e-learning and data quality.

New GBits edition already available

The new GBits number (No. 37 , November 2013), which is published every two months, is available, aiming to promote the activities of GBIF. In this edition, highlights are the more than 157000 visitors to the new GBIF portal, the election of the new chair of the GBIF Governing Board and the participation of Miguel Bastos Araújo, winner of GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Prize 2013 at the Science Symposium of the GBIF Governing Board 20.

The new GBIF Portal and new features

The new website marks a new phase in the GBIF network's mission, creating more favorable conditions for policy makers, scientists and civil society to act in species conservation worldwide .
In the new portal can be found beyond the news of the different partners and GBIF world, a continuous update of the number of data on the portal, through its homepage and is the first information that the user has access.

The first collection of the Museu de História Natural, Universidade do Porto is published in GBIF

The Museu de História Natural, Universidade do Porto released its first collection in the GBIF portal. The "Marine Mollusks of Augusto Nobre" contains a total of 881 occurrences, all georeferenced, sampled between 1884 and 1939. The data are available at IPT service of the Portuguese Node and through the international GBIF portal.

Preliminary results of the Questionnaire on the Biodiversity Databases and Biological Collections 2013.

The Portuguese Node of GBIF recently completed the Questionnaire on Databases Biodiversity and Biological Collections, with and have been recorded 72 resources from 16 organizations, including universities, public institutions, associations and private entities.

The first Historical Collection of Brazilian flora is available in GBIF

The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden made available on GIBF over half a million data from one of the largest historical collections of brasilien and South American flora. The dataset represent the digitization of thousands of herbarium sheets collected by some of the most important naturalists of the XIX and XX century. 

Questionnaire on the Biodiversity Databases and Biological Collections

Advance to login and fill the questionnaire.


This questionnaire is intended to be the basis of the national registry of biological collections and biodiversity databases which will be maintained by the Portuguese GBIF Node. It will be available between the 15th of October and 30th of November 2013, and is expected to be regularly available at later dates for data updates or registration of new resources.


Lançamento do novo Portal de dados do GBIF

Terá lugar no próximo dia 9 de outubro, durante o meeting anual em Berlim com a 20ª reunião do Governing Board do GBIF, o lançamento da nova versão do Portal desta rede que disponibiliza dados sobre a distribuição de espécies no planeta. Esta ferramenta melhora substancialmente o acesso à informação já existente e o seu uso será testado em direto no Science Symposium, integrado no programa do encontro, podendo ser também acompanhado em direto no link

GBIO - relatório promove uso das tecnologias de Informação para melhorar conhecimento sobre a biodiversidade

É lançado hoje (2 de Outubro) o relatório Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook que define os passos fundamentais para aumentar o enorme potencial das tecnologias de informação e uma cultura de dados abertos para obter novos resultados sobre a biodiversidade e dar melhor suporte à decisão. A nova iniciativa pretende coordenar os esforços globais e apoios à obtenção da melhor informação possível sobre a vida na Terra, e o nosso impacto sobre a mesma.