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Launch of the Questionnaire on the Needs in the Use of Agrobiodiversity Information

Questionário Informação sobre Agrobiodiversidade


It was launch today by GBIF Portugal, GBIF Spain and College Food, Farming and Forestry (F3) of the University of Lisbon the QUESTIONNAIRE ON THE NEEDS IN THE USE OF AGROBIODIVERSITY INFORMATION, run under the scope of the project Agrotraining which aims at uncovering needs of biodiversity information in the domain of Agrobiodiversity.

Data for Portugal reach 2.5 million biodiversity occurrences

Registos para Portugal atingem 2,5 milhões

The number of records published through GBIF for Portugal reached 2.5 million data. Most of the data correspond to animal occurrences (72%), with plants being the second kingdom with the highest number of occurrences (20%) and protozoa the third (4%). Of the animals, the vast majority of records are birds (92%). About 86% of the data correspond to observations, of which 2% were based on observations by machines. Records based on specimens preserved in biological collections represent close to 11% of the total.

Launched the new portal of biodiversity data of Portugal

Portal de dados de biodiversidade de Portugal


The Portuguese Node of GBIF is pleased to announce the start of operation of the Biodiversity Data Portal of Portugal, available from today at the address This portal provides access to information on biodiversity of ten national institutions that publish occurrence data through GBIF, and data published by foreign institutions to Portugal. In total, more than 1.6 million occurrence data available for consultation.

New GBIF training project won by GBIF Portugal, in partnership with GBIF Spain and College F3, dedicated to agrobiodiversity

The project submitted by the Portuguese Node of GBIF Portuguese, in partnership with the Spanish GBIF Node and the College F3 (Food, Farming and Forestry), University of Lisbon, was selected by GBIF to be funded with 10 000 EUR under the Capacity Enhancement Support Program 2016.

GBIF Ebbe Nielsen challenge 2016 promotes data gap and biases analysis

Desafio Ebbe Nielsen 2016

The submissions of proposals to the 2016 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge is open until 29 September 2016. The challenge winners will receive 20 000 € and 5 000 € prizes the first and second classified, respectively. Results will be announced in the next Governing Board 23, next October, in Brasilia.

This year, the challenge targets data gaps and biases, in the following cases:

Seminar in Bissau on biodiversity information presents GBIF to institutions and organizations of Guinea-Bissau

Seminário sobre o GBIF no IBAP, Bissau

The biodiversity information and the role of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) was the main topic of a seminar held at the Instituto da Biodiversidade e Áreas Protegidas in Bissau, last July 14. The seminar was co-organised by IBAP and the Portuguese Node of GBIF. In this seminar, there were also presented IBAP's activities site devoted to the management of biodiversity information in protected areas, through databases and geographic information systems.