Pré-registo para o Questionário das Bases de Dados de Biodiversidade e Colecções Biológicas

Pré-registo para questionário

The Portuguese Node of GBIF will provide a national questionnaire for registering and updating databases of biodiversity and biological collections between 15 October and 30 November. The questionnaire aims to upgrade the survey conducted in 2006, under the GBIF Mentoring Project Spain - Portugal, but this time it will cover the databases of biodiversity data, which were not included at that time.
The questionnaire should be anwsered by institutions or organizations owners of biodiversity databases with observations (containing primary biodiversity data: what kind, where, when, by whom, etc ...) and institutions owners of biological collections. There will be a part of the questionnaire for information at institutional level, and the other part is to fill information about the observations' databases or collections.
Access to forms will be available to registered users in, so we recommend a pre-registration of the collaborators of the institutions that will respond to the questionnaire.
To pre-register.
For questions or further information, please contact us via email