IICT appointed as GBIF Portuguese Node

The Tropical Research Institute, based in Lisbon, was designated by the Foundation for Science and Technology to be the Portuguese Node of GBIF. The protocol signed by both institutions provides for the development of an bilingual Internet portal, the promotion of GBIF at national level, installation and management of infrastructure and information systems for the storage of databases, the assessment of the state of digitization of biological collections, conducting training and dissemination of GBIF activities along the CPLP countries. Under this protocol, the Vice-President of IICT Cristina Vaz Tomé was appointed as the Head of Delegation, and the researcher Rui Figueira as Node Manager. IICT is a state laboratory  whose mission is to support scientific and technical cooperation with the countries of the tropics. GBIF is the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and delivers at this time, for free and in open access through the Internet, more than 390 million records of biodiversity. Portugal is a member of GBIF since its foundation in 2001, and Brazil also part of this infrastructure since October 2012.