Questionnaire on the Biodiversity Databases and Biological Collections

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This questionnaire is intended to be the basis of the national registry of biological collections and biodiversity databases which will be maintained by the Portuguese GBIF Node. It will be available between the 15th of October and 30th of November 2013, and is expected to be regularly available at later dates for data updates or registration of new resources.


The completion of the questionnaire will allow the preparation of the Report on the Databases Biodiversity and Biological Collections that will produce regularly by the Node, and the results will be available on the portal GBIF.PT.


Who should fill in the questionnaire?

The questionnaire must be completed by all institutions or organizations that hold databases of biodiversity or biological collections. These can be public or private, and no compromise for future publication of data through GBIF network arises by filling it.


How to fill in the questionnaire?

The questionnaire (in portuguese) is organized into two parts. Part 1 must be completed only once per institution. Part 2 (a or b) should be completed for each of the databases or collections, as appropriate.


Part 1 - Institutions: general questionnaire about the institution or organization holding the database or collection;

Part 2a - Biodiversity Databases: specific questionnaire on the biodiversity database;

Part 2b - Biological Collections: questionnaire regarding the biological collection.


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