Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy


The services available to you on this website are provided by the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) of the University of Lisbon, owner of the website, which assumes with you a privacy commitment with regard to the data deposited on this website.


 2. Confidentiality


Due to the nature and objectives of the interactive services provided here, users are required to provide contacts and/or information that can be considered personal. ISA guarantees, however, to all its users that:

  • No personal data will be provided to third parties without the prior consent of the holder;
  • None of the personal data entrusted to us will be provided, free of charge or commercially, to direct marketing companies or other entities that use mailing lists to advertise their products and/or services.

ISA reserves the right to provide aggregated data (such as country, area of ​​activity and others) for purposes considered to be of public benefit, namely in the scope of statistical production.

Our services will always respect the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law - Law No. 67/98, of 26 of October and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.


3. Cookies


Cookies are used to enable a pleasant and enriching browsing experience, so that we can provide you with a personalized service. Cookies are also used as technical options for browsing the portal.


 4. Links to Third Parties


This site, built on the logic of an Information Gathering Portal, contains a variety of links to other sites on the Internet, national or foreign.

ISA is not responsible, however, for the security and privacy policy, form, content or practices of those same sites.


5. Databases/Usage of Login and Password


The databases made available on this website have the sole purpose of developing a directory of Institutions or Organizations holding Biological Collections or Biodiversity Databases. All users registered in these databases expressly undertake to respect the ultimate purpose of these services, being responsible for the correct use and confidentiality of their login and password.


6. Sharing Personal Information


ISA cannot transfer personal information to other sites, inside or outside the European Union unless such transfer has the prior consent of its owner.


7. Correction and Updating of Personal Information


Each user of the interactive services provided here is responsible and owner of the data that he/she transmits to ISA, being able to control the amount of information provided and when (and under what circumstances) it can, or should, be provided to third parties. In case you want to change or remove the information provided, send us an email to


8. Free Services Provided


The services available on this site are completely free for its users.


9. Acceptance and Binding


Every user of the services available on this site is bound to acceptance and respect for the conditions expressed here.

For any further clarification on the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of this website, send us an email to