Preliminary results of the Questionnaire on the Biodiversity Databases and Biological Collections 2013.

The Portuguese Node of GBIF recently completed the Questionnaire on Databases Biodiversity and Biological Collections, with and have been recorded 72 resources from 16 organizations, including universities, public institutions, associations and private entities.
Sixty four Biological Collections were inserted from various institutions such as (in portuguese designations): Universidade dos Açores, Universidade de Lisboa, through the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, the Centro de Oceanografia da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa and the Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, the Universidade do Algarve, the Museu de História Natural da Universidade do Porto, the Universidade de Évora, the Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra, the Jardim Botânico do Faial, the Direcção Geral do Património Cultural, the Banco Português de Germoplasma Vegetal, the Instituto de Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge and the Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical.

Most of these institutions identified the existence of associated databases to biological collections of Botany, through its herbarium and historical collections, living collections (e.g. Botanic Gardens), and Zoological collections present in their museum or scientific collections.

For the first time it was also recorded 8 biodiversity databases, including the Flora -On by the Sociedade Portuguesa de Botância, BioDiversity4All, ATLANTIS 3.0 (Azorean Biodiversity Database) and the Azores - Sea ImagDOP, both from the Universidade dos Açores, the observation and bibliography database of Holocene animals by the Direcção Geral do Património Cultural, a database of marine biodiversity by CIEMAR, Universidade de Évora, the documentation and information database of portuguese genetic resources of the Banco de Germoplasma Português(BPGV) and a private database of freshwater fish ( FreshFish_PT ) by Dr. Ana Filipa Filipe.

The compiled information will be integrated into the registration database of biodiversity and biological collections available from the GBIF Portuguese Node in the near future. However, the registration still needs to be completed by some institutions, by providing answers corresponding to their biological collections that was inventoried in the 2006 questionnaire under the Spain - Portugal project of mentoring.
The submitted information may be updated at any time using the form at, by the responsible of the initial submission after logging in at In the last quarter of 2014 the Portuguese Node of GBIF will promote a new national Questionnaire, but it is possible at any moment to register new resources (biological collections / databases) through the available form.