First meeting of the mentoring Project France-Portugal-Spain, 21-23 January 2014, Royal Botanical Garden, Madrid

GBIF Participants from France, Portugal and Spain held last week, at the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, the first of three meetings of the GBIF mentoring project. The meeting, between the 21 and 23 of January, aimed at exchanging experiences and expertise among different nodes on the subjects of e-learning and data quality.
This meeting was primarily focused on the tools and procedures for data quality and e-learning platforms for online training courses. GBIF Spain showed their e-learning courses, the platforms they use and how to build a course. The Spanish node also provided to other nodes the possibility to reuse and adapt its platform (ATutor) and all materials. Regarding the data quality, GBIF Spain has brought up for discussion the tools and procedures used at the national level as well as the courses they have.
All materials for this meeting are available at:, and action points to be taken into account for the future (

The next meeting will be in Lisbon from 28-30 April, hosted by the Portuguese node of GBIF, which will cover the themes of IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit) platform for publishing data through the GBIF and procedures for the publication of data papers.