Second meeting of the GBIF mentoring project France-Portugal-Spain

Date: 28-30 April 2014
Place: Instituto de Investigação Cientifica Tropical, Palácio de Burnay.
City: Lisboa
Organised by: GBIF France, GBIF Portugal & GBIF Spain.
Language: Inglês
N. of participants: 10


The Portuguese Node of GBIF hosted the second meeting of the GBIF mentoring project France-Portugal-Spain, between the 28-30 of April at the Burnay Palace, Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical (IICT), Lisbon. The meeting aimed at exchanging experiences and expertise among the different nodes.
This meeting addressed the issue of e-learning training about Data Papers, the requirements for its preparation using the GBIF tools such as the Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) platform, as well as the different possibilities of publication of Data Papers based on datasets published through GBIF.

Day 1.  Progress on mentoring project and Data paper
Block 1

  • Welcome. Visit GBIF.PT premises
  • General presentation on GBIF Portugal (short) [Rui  Figueira]
  • Discussion
  • Review the action points: progress since Madrid meeting [All]

Block 2

  • Trends in Open Data, 2014 (With a focus in science & biodiversity) [Francisco Pando]
  • Discussion

Block 3

Block 4

  • Data papers: online training (continuation)

Day 2. Data paper
Block 5

  • Prepare your own data paper using IPT, hands-on [Katia Cezón]
  • Data papers: Journal options and requirements for publication [Rui Figueira]

​Block 6

  • Poster GB21 [All]
  • Example of Google Refine for data quality control [Rui Figueira].
  • Data Quality (discussion in the community site) [Francisco Pando]
  • Technical session about ALA-Portal

​Block 7

  • Identify questions for a FAQ on data papers [everybody]
    • Users
    • Nodes
  • Discussion

Block 8

  • Data repository requirements - roles of GBIF [Rui]
  • Discussion

Day 3. Data visualization
Block 9

  • Review state-of-the-art on data visualization - Atlas of Living Australia [Santiago]
  • Discussion

​Block 10

  • Wrap-up and next steps [All]