Tell us that you have used data published through GBIF


The GBIF Portuguese Node ( is committed to promoting the use of biodiversity information available through the GBIF data portal (, to ensure that the best and most complete existing information can be used for scientific research, in natural resource management, decision support and environmental impact assessment, among others. This aim only is possible through the contribution of data holders who voluntarily publish them freely using the GBIF infrastructure to ensure wider distribution and visibility of data.


Why we request information about the use of biodiversity data and purpose of this form?

Information about the use of biodiversity data is very important to us, and for the data publishers. It is essential that data use is correctly cited in all ocasions, following the citation guidelines, with the use of the Document Object Identifier (DOI) associated to each data download.

GBIF runs a service for citation indetification in cientific publications. However, the use associated to other purposes - e.g. environmental impact assesssments, decision-making support, other reports, thesis, graduation reports-, cannot be identified through that service, and can only be detected if informed by the responsibles for that use, in a volunteer basis.

The indentification of such useds is very important so that th epublishing institutions can justify the effort invested in that data publication. This form (see below) is intended to ask for information on the use of biodiversity data. When possible, information can be provided in the form of bibliographic reference, and include a DOI associated to the dataset downloaded through GBIF.


To whom is intended this form?

This form is intended to individuals, organizations or institutions, public or private, that make use of biodiversity data available through GBIF and want to send us information about this use.


What we do with the information collected?

All information will be kept to a reserved level, except when we are informed that we can make them available, particularly in the form of news or article through the portal of the Portuguese Node, for illustrating the use of biodiversity data. The bibliografic reference may be added to list of references associated to each published dataset (see example).


How to provide information?

Fill out and submit the form below with the Institution or Organization information and the person in charge for fulfil it. Then fill the publications references, reports, activities or events, webpages, presentations, or other where data published through GBIF are used. Finally, if your institution or organization is producing biodiversity occurrence data (data from observations or specimen collection), tell us in which context information is produced and which policy data publication.