Information on the use of data published through GBIF

The Portuguese GBIF Node ( is committed to promoting the use of biodiversity information available through the GBIF data portal ( to ensure that the best and most complete existing information can be used for scientific research, in natural resource management, decision support and environmental impact assessment, among others. The information about the use of the data is therefore essential to identify strategies and priorities in mobilizing and quality control of the data published by providers.
We appeal to users of biodiversity data published through GBIF to inform us about the use of community data. The identification of scientific research is more easily monitored, particularly when the data is used in the production of scientific articles (see, but other uses are virtually impossible to identify, unless it is communicated to us by users.
The GBIF.PT allows now the use of the data to be easily reported through a form available on the website of the node. This is intended to organizations or institutions, public or private that make use of biodiversity data, available through GBIF and want to send us information about this use. This form is not intended to provide data on the custody of biodiversity data (biological collections or occurrence databases), which may be registered by the Questionnaire on Databases Biodiversity and Biological Collections.

Communicate your data usage by going here.