GBIF Consultation about the endorsement and review of data sets in GBIF

GBIF is consulting their data providers community about the proposed changes about the registration procedures changes to a new provider before the first publication of data sets through GBIF.
Some of the proposed changes are:

  • Any potential data provider can register in GBIF and submit their data sets without the need for an a priori endorsement by a country’s node or organization participating in GBIF;
  • The relevant participants nodes of GBIF (geographical or thematic) will be invited to review the data set and give its approval, if appropriate;
  • The data sets can receive multiple endorsements of any number of participants, which will support the evaluation of the data set;
  • Other elements to support the assessment of the data sets will be explored, including user comments and annotations on individual records, and the use of the data sets or records in research activities;
  • Filters will be prepared to assist users in selecting or deleting data sets with different levels of approval, including data not endorsed.

For detailed information see the document.
Contributions can be submitted until June 16, 2014 using the following template to