Training on Specify 6 database in Angola

Between the 22nd and 24th of May took place in Lubango, Angola, the training workshop on Specify 6 database and Georreferencing o Biological Collections, Entre 22 e 24 de Maio de 2013, realizou-se no Lubango, Angola, o curso de formação em Specify 6 e Georreferenciação de Colecções Biológicas, attended by 11 participants from 5 Angolan institutions. The course was held at ISCED - Huila and was organized jointly between the ISCED - Huila and IICT.
The training program included modules on insertion and edition of data, data queries and use of results in advanced operations of geographic visualization and production of reports, monitoring data quality and practice of georeferencing of biological samples.
GBIF Portugal and IICT collaborate with Angolan institutions in training on databases for the management of biological collections. This support aims to ensure the capacitation of Angolan institutions, with the aim of aiding their future participation in networks for data publication of biodiversity information, particularly in GBIF.
Specify is a management software for biological collections developed by the Biodiversity Research Centre at the University of Kansas (USA) which is used in the management of over 300 zoological, botanical and palentological collections in institutions around the world. The software is free and is distributed under an open source (GPL v2) license.