Training in Luanda on Specify 6

It took place between 18 and 27 March 2014 the second training on Specify 6 in Angola, this time in Luanda. The training took place in Herbário of the University Agostinho Neto, and was organized jointly by the Centre and Botany of that university and by IICT. The course also included a module for georeferencing of biological collections. The 11 students attending to this course are from the University and the Ministry of Environment.

Simultaneously, the infrastructure for management of biological collections of the Herbarium LUAI was installed, based on a client-server environment with four terminals.

Specify is a management software for biological collections developed by the Biodiversity Research Centre at the University of Kansas (USA) which is used in the management of over 300 zoological, botanical and palentological collections in institutions around the world. The software is free and is distributed under an open source (GPL v2) license.