Mentoring project France-Portugal-Spain

The mentoring project France, Portugal and Spain is part of the GBIF mentoring program for 2013. The aim is joining participating countries of GBIF with complementary skills and needs enabling personalized exchange of information, technology, experience and good practices among them.
With the mentoring project France, Portugal, Spain the capabilities of each node have improved, through sharing of ideas and experiences in areas like:

  • Visualization and data publication
  • Participatory science (crowdsourcing)
  • Classroom training and e-learning
  • Tools and methods for data quality
  • Data papers

The French node will release its experience with the crowdsourcing website, Les Herbonautes, through which is possible to catalogue by the community the label information of botanical specimens digitized. In the near future that platform will be available and used by Spain and Portugal. The Spanish node released its experience using the e-learning platform ATutor, which will be used for e-learning courses in the official languages ​​of each country. Portugal added its experience in using open platforms like Open Refine for data quality analysis.
The nodes involved in this project also have close relationship with the Hispanophone, Francophone and Lusophone communities around the world, including countries with high richness of biodiversity and related topics. There is also a tradition of scientific cooperation with these countries through the GBIF platform or external projects, as in the case of Portugal with the countries of the CPLP.
The potential created by the development of these mentoring project with Spain, France and Portugal will benefit the whole GBIF network with significant contributions.
The work program includes working sessions hosted by each of the participant nodes, and actions or tasks in the time intervals between meetings. The three planned meeting are:
Madrid (21 to 23 january, 2014) - all information (agenda and presentations) are available here.
Lisbon (28 to 30 April, 2014) - all information (program and presentations) are available here.
Paris (14 to 16 October, 2014) - all information (program and presentations) are available here.