The checklist or terrestrial biota of Madeira Archipelago (including Selvagens) published by the Universidade dos Açores

A new checklist resource was recently published by the Universidade dos Açores through GBIF for the Archipelago of Madeira, including Selvagens. The publication of this regional species inventory entitled "A list of the terrestrial fungi, flora and fauna of Madeira and Selvagens archipelagos", follows the previous checklist recently published by the same institution devoted to Azores. The checklist of Madeira and Selvagens, now digitally available in Darwin Core format, includes information for a total of 7 571 terrestrial taxa (7 452 species and 421 subspecies).

The checklist, originally edited in 2008 (Borges et al., 2008), was the result of the collaboration of more than 90 taxonomists, and was based on published data, complemented by non-published data verified by the authors. The checklists offers information about the distribution of the species at the island level, whenever possible. The checklist dataset is available through the portal, or directly through the IPT platform hosted by the Portuguese Node.

The Universidade dos Açores, through its Azorean Biodiversity Group (ABG-cE3c) research group is collaborating with the Portuguese Node of GBIF to publish in the near future the occurrence dataset from the Portal de Biodiversidade dos Açores.



Borges, P.A.V., Abreu, C., Aguiar, A.M.F., Carvalho, P., Jardim, R., Melo, I., Oliveira, P., Sérgio, C., Serrano, A.R.M. & Vieira, P. (eds.) (2008). A list of the terrestrial fungi, flora and fauna of Madeira and Selvagens archipelagos. Direcção Regional do Ambiente da Madeira and Universidade dos Açores, Funchal and Angra do Heroísmo, 440 pp. ISBN: 978-989-95790-0-2