GBIF Ebbe Nielsen challenge 2016 promotes data gap and biases analysis

Desafio Ebbe Nielsen 2016

The submissions of proposals to the 2016 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge is open until 29 September 2016. The challenge winners will receive 20 000 € and 5 000 € prizes the first and second classified, respectively. Results will be announced in the next Governing Board 23, next October, in Brasilia.

This year, the challenge targets data gaps and biases, in the following cases:

1. Determining the completeness and consistency of data coverage for any taxonomic group at continental or global levels
2. Providing a national view of the coverage and detail of available data for all taxa or particular taxonomic groups throughout the country.
3. Providing a view of coverage and detail for other area types, such as environments (e.g., marine) or geographies (e.g., protected areas)
4. Evaluating the data for an individual species to assess confidence in the completeness of coverage for that species

The submitted works must make extensive use (though not exclusive) of biodiversity data available through GBIF, to provide new views or representations in this type of issues. The submissions might be in the form of web sites, stand allone of mobile applications, outputs of analysis, or a combination of these. They can also propose solutions to the issues identified by analysis or visualization of data, data worksflows, data uploads or annotations.

Submission is open until 29 September 2016. For more information, challenge rules and proposal submission, go the dedicated site at