Open call for the training course "Use of Agrobiodiversity information in GBIF and other databases"



GBIF Portugal, GBIF Spain and College Food, Farming and Forestry (F3) of the University of Lisbon are launching a call for applications to the regional training course Use of Agrobiodiversity information in GBIF and other databases which takes place on 28, 29 and 30 of June, in Lisbon. The workshop is an initiative developed in the scope of the project Agrotraining, which is supported by the GBIF CESP programme.

With this course, we intend to respond effectively to new challenges in the use of agrobiodiversity information on food production and healthy diets. The use of biodiversity information will be extensively explored, either from GBIF or from other sources, in which case links with GBIF will be promoted or tested.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Information analysis tools for biodiversity and environmental data in the context of agrobiodiversity
  • Agrobiodiversity information for crop systems
  • Benefits of wild-species biodiversity to farming activities

The target audience is people that have a relationship and/or experience with AGB: producers, regulators, members of ONG, teachers, researchers, or other users on this subject.

The course will be conducted in english. There are no fees for the participation. However, participants will have to cover their own travel and accomodation expenses. The organisation will provide lunches and coffee-breaks during the course.

There will be no limitation to the participation based on the country of origin, but the number of available places is limited to 25. The final selection of  participants will be done based on the application.

Deadline for submitting applications: 19th of May, 2017.

Communication of acceptance: 23 of May 2017.

To know more about the course and submit your application, visit