GBIF Challenge Ebbe Nielsen 2017 promotes the discovery of data from digital repositories

Desafio Ebbe Nielsen 2017

The Ebbe Nielsen Challenge 2017 Challenge promotes the development of tools for the discovery and reuse of biodiversity data available in open access digital repositories. This challenge aims to make it easier to overcome the difficulty of discovering and using such data, particularly when they are not available in standard format or accompanied by a sufficient set of metadata that ensures their identification by users. The challenge therefore is to develop tools, for example to:

a) the automatic search of open data in public repositories;

b) the application of data mining that aggregates the information needed to generate checklists, and data sets of sampling or occurrence of species;

c) the mapping of the tables headings in the repositories to the terms Darwin Core;

d) routinely converting the reformatted data into Darwin Core archive formats.

To the winners of the challenge, prizes will be awarded for a total of € 14,000, with € 8,000 for the first prize, € 3,000 for the second prize and € 3,000 for the remaining finalists, decided by the jury. The deadline for submitting the application is September 5, 2017. See complete submission information on the submission platform at