GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge seeks open-data innovations for biodiversity

The Challenge honours the memory of Dr Ebbe Schmidt Nielsen, an inspirational leader in the fields of biosystematics and biodiversity informatics and an important founder of GBIF. It will award up to €34,000 in prizes to innovative individuals and teams that can improve the access, usefulness and quality of open biodiversity data by creating new tools and technical solutions such as new applications, visualizations, methods, workflows or analyses, or build on and extend existing tools and features like:

Proposals should focus on multiple stakeholder groups, e.g. researchers, policymakers, educators, students and citizen scientists. The deadline for submission is: 5th of Sept 2018, 1600 Central European Summer Time | UTC +2

The prize will be judged by a group of experts, that will consider openness, repeatability, relevance and novelty aspects from projects. Winners will be announced on the 17 of October (2018) at the 25th GBIF Governing Board meeting in Kilkenny, Ireland.

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Official rules: 2018 GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

Entry form: 2018 GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

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