Report publication: Questionnaire on the Needs in the Use of Agrobiodiversity Information

The Portuguese Node of GBIF, together with the Spanish Node and the Food, Farming and Forestry (F3) College of the University of Lisbon, launched in April 2017 the questionnaire on the use of information on agrobiodiversity, within the framework of the Agrotraining project. The aim was to identify the needs on the use of biodiversity  information in the field of Agrobiodiversity, by different actors. The project was funded by the Capacity Enhancement Support Program of GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility).

The questionnaire was addressed to people who have a relationship and/or experience with agrobiodiversity, including but not limited to: producers, regulators, NGO members, teachers, researchers and other users, in all areas of agrobiodiversity (including agriculture, forestry, fisheries , etc). This questionnaire was accessible online and was answered by 99 people from areas related to agrobiodiversity, from Portugal and Spain.

The project had a set of outcomes expected, among them this report that was carried out together with the collaborators and that can be consulted here. This document is part of the results of the pilot project, and presents and discusses the needs of agrobiodiversity stakeholders and their general perceptions about data and definitions around the theme.