Release of new portal of Portuguese Node

The new portal of the Portuguese Node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility was recently released in bilingual version (Portuguese / English), in order to publicize the activities of the GBIF Secretariat,  the Portuguese Node and of other national Nodes of the network. This release occurs simultaneously with the attribution to the Portuguese researcher Miguel Araújo of the prestigious Ebbe Nielsen 2013 by GBIF, acknowledging his pioneering work on the study of the impact of climate change on biodiversity.
Available at, the portal also allows access to the tools and documentation to facilitate the participation of national institutions and organizations in the GBIF network, either as providers of biodiversity data, or users of information. The national community, whether users or suppliers of biodiversity information, will easily find in the portal support to providing mechanisms and uses of data, which resources will be gradually made ​​available also in Portuguese version. Furthermore, the Node has already implemented the infrastruture to the publication of biodiversity data to the GBIF network using Integrated Publishing Toolkit, which will be registered by the Node.
In the future, the portal will allow also to search and access to biodiversity occurrence data, either from Portuguese institutions or organizations, or from other organizations publishing data for Portugal. It will also gradually incorporate other tools that are being developed in the Nodes Portal Toolkit, which is actively being developed by the GBIF Secretariat to improve the presence of GBIF nodes in the Internet.
The Portuguese Node of GBIF was instituted in the Tropical Research Institutde (IICT) by FCT in December 2012, recognizing and valuing the infrastructure and know-how of IICT in the field of Biodiversity Informatics and Digital Repositories. IICT is the GBIF data provider since 2008, providing more than 55,000 records of botanical and zoological collections. In addition IICT, there are five more Portuguese data providers through GBIF, comprising a total 90 000 records available through the network.
GBIF is an intergovernmental organization which aims to facilitate free and open access to primary biodiversity data through the internet. GBIF comprises 46 countries and 34 organizations, providing about 400 million records from more than 10,000 databases. Portugal is a founding member of the network since 2001.