Primeiro curso de formação em Integrated Publishing Toolkit promovido pelo Nó Português

The first training organized by the Node was held in the past 11th and 12nd of July on Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT), dedicated to participants from institutions willing to become data providers to GBIF in the near future.

The 14 participants had the opportunity to learn and practice with the IPT, which is a tool developed by GBIF for documentation and publication of biodiversity data. Participants had the opportunity to create a data resource in Darwin Core Archive format, and practice using the IPT to document with metadata. The IPT also allows the insertion of metadata associated with the preparation of a data paper that facilitates the promotion, discovery and publication of resource. The data papers can be published in scientific journals, including journals of the publisher Pensoft who GBIF has an agreement format for acceptance of articles prepared with IPT.

On the first day of the workshop, the training was aimed at IT system administrators, being demonstrated and practiced software installation Tomcat and Apache Web Server required for the implementation of IPT.

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