Portugal participa com Espanha e França em projecto de mentoria para capacitação dos nós nacionais

The GBIF's mentoring programme for 2013 will support the proposal by France, Spain and Portugal to facilitate the capacitation of their coordination units in several domains like the vizualization of georreferenced data or a crowdsourcing platform for digitizing biological collections. This is one of the three projects selected to allow a total of eight countries to increase capacity in biodiversity informatics for network sharing previous expertise. In other projects, the node of Colombia will mentor the Brazilian one and Belgian will be mentoring Togo and Mauritania.
The project in which Portugal will participate will help the Iberian nodes to implement an internet crowdsourcing platform in their respective countries for digitizing labels of herbarium specimens and a tool for data visualization of biodiversity occurrence data, both based on the experience of the French node. Spain’s experience will help in setting up an e-learning platform and data quality. As part of the project, training events on publishing data papers and on data quality are planned.
Each of the three projects will receive between €8,000 and €15,000 from GBIF’s core funds, which are provided by governments of GBIF Participants.
The GBIF mentoring programme aims to accelerate the establishment of biodiversity information facilities by bringing together GBIF nodes to share experience and expertise.
For more information please contact:
Rui Figueira
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