Novo número do GBits já disponível

The latest number GBits newsletter is already available, which is published bimonthly to disseminate the latest activities of the GBIF network. In this issue, emphasis is given to mentoring projects approved, which includes the participation of Portugal along with Spain and France in a proposal for exchange of experience and capacity between Nodes. It is also announced the launch of the Portuguese Node portal and the highlights in the Portuguese press to the prize Ebbe Nielsen awarded by the Portuguese researcher Miguel Araújo. The Gbits can be downloaded here, and you can submit your automatic subscription here.

Along with Gbits it is also published the Science Supplement, in which scientific applications using data mediated through GBIF are compiled. The highlights are given to articles on invasive species, climate change impacts, species conservation and protected areas, development impacts, food, agriculture and biofuels, and advances in biodiversity studies. Also cited are the items that make discussion of the GBIF data and new data published articles. The Gbits Science Supplement can be found here.